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wyvern's Journal

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The #Wyverns_Library Project
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This community belongs to #Wyverns_Library, the Official IRC channel for members of Wyvern's Library in Elfwood.

This is a shared journal for a writing project. The events that unfold here are fiction. This is not real, folks. This is a fictitious journal and all events recorded here are products of our imagination.

You are welcome to follow the tale and comment on it.

Please visit the #WL Forum.

Your hosts:


How to join:
If you are interested in joining, add wyvern to your Friend list and wait till I announce the launching of a new project.

Current Episode [10 August 2001]:
#WL meets Robin Hood & his Merry Men!

Order of posting:
� Tarlia
� Stuffy (away)
� Tams
� Moonfox
� Fireborn
� Darkangeltrip (MIA?)
� Ciri
� Jibril
� Tigress
� Kenakari
� F1gm3nt3d (MIA)
� Nymphy

Making sense of the entries:
Start reading from the bottom. LJ puts the latest post first so it won't make sense if you start from the top.

How this works:
The entries you see here a private entries of each character in the story. They should be continuous, meaning they pick up there the last entry left off so that in whole it reads as a "journal-based" story. Remember to keep them within reason - entries should talk about what has happened when you have a moment to sit down and open up your "notebook" to record it down.


News [10/10/01]
  • New posting rule! If you do not post within 5 days of the previous post, your turn will be forfeited. Sorry but we cannot keep reminding you to post. Please add wyvern to your friends list so you can better monitor it.
  • I've opened a forum thread where writers and readers of the Project can comment on the current story. Please visit!
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