Han secretly likes kittens (stuffy) wrote in wyvern,
Han secretly likes kittens

Been down so long

It had been more than seven months since I came back and everyone is still in that bloody dungeon. I wonder what the heck is happening in there - hrm. It's three am in the morning and I'm not thinking quite right.

I actually have this notion that they have imported enough goods from China to open a Blue Lotus den. They probably grow poppy flowers in there.

I hope nobody got seduced by the Sheriff yet because from the pictures Friar Tuck managed to salvage for me, he seems icky. All right, I know he's dashing and handsome in the beginning when we librarians first got here, but now he looks like... like... some sort of wannabe Goth. I mean, wannabe Japanese Goth. He has funny hair and it looks purple. I hope this has nothing to do with Neil Gaiman.

Anyway, the armed forces are getting sick of it and want to have a get-going. Oh, I didn't mention it? In the seven months here we I managed to assemble a team of outlaw barbarians who are just all too happy to kick Robin Hood's arse along with the Sheriff's... it seems that after Robin Hood gave up pillaging to pursue his boyband career, he fired all the "less photogenic" crew of his Merry Men, which is to say at least 98% of them (ranging around 798 persons, excluding the little cockerol of Miniscule Tim) were out of a job and extremely furious.

Ah, well. The UnMerry Men have armed themselves with their banjoes and guitars now, and are starting to storm towards the castle. Better go along just to see what would happen.

Did I mention that they are going to use Country music to destroy the Sheriff's army?
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