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Day 10

Fun and games it wasn't.

I was too addled to write down anything, too angry to write when some bits and pieces of news began coming in. For about a day, they (which would be the Sheriff's men) kept us together and in the dark, literally and figuratively. Ugh...the dungeon is as hygienic as a sewage tank. It's inhumane how they treat prisoners here!

Then, they fetched us from our dark dank prison and escorted us back to civilisation. "Escort" is putting it nicely - a few of those soldiers weren't very happy that we actually kicked their ass in the skimmish before we were overwhelmed. We (of the WL gang) were separated and locked us in different rooms. Can't complain ... the women servants let me take a bath and gave me unsoiled clothes to wear and gave me back my journal. Robin's men were lead to a different place. I overheard one of the women say they went back to Robin...

"Back to Robin?" Does this mean the Sheriff let him go? What of that witch Marian? I mean, they were quite ready to lay the blame on us back at the outlaw camp but it seems that the Sheriff has something else in mind. He won't waste resources prettying us up for an execution. However, we're still prisoners. Aaaargh! We have people missing and if we suddenly find a way back, we don't have them with us. Will they get trapped here? Left behind?

I have a feeling a trade just went down. The Merry Men need Robin more than they need us. We're just guests (fine way to treat guests!). I can't help but remember that we WERE prisoners of the Prince for some reason when we first landed here. Why didn't the sheriff pack us up and send us to His Royal Asshat? What is all this?
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