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Day 7 :Only Mostly Dead

(Re-editted, as my last version sucked)

They insisted. I dont know why they insisted, but they did. We tried to tell them that we didnt have combat experience, but they didnt listen.

Two days ago, we stormed the castle in an attempt to "rescue" Robin Hood. It was an utter failure. When the last of our forces were gathered up, we were escorted to the inner courtyard. There sat Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff, all happy as ducks in a pond. He evidently hadnt been taken against his will at all..

Needless to say, we are really confused at this point. We dont know who is the villian, and who is the good guys. I think that most of us at this point, just want to go home. I know I do. I dont even care what or why Robin Hood is here, why everyone thought he was in trouble.. If I can get my wrists loose, the first place Im heading is those mists..

I want to go home. This isnt fun anymore.
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