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Day... what day -is- it?

I think it's the 5th day, maybe it's more. Everything has been so mixed up lately. One minute I was talking with Trian, the next two of Robin's Merry men, ( I think the two back up singers) grbbed me and threw me in the hut with the others. Ciri said all she did was ask where Robin was.. wonder what's up?
Later that night....
Wow! great news! I think... Trian and two of the other Merryman brought in out lunch today. They tried to tell us what's been going on. Maid Marien had robin kidnapped so she could take over the Merrymen. She wanted to be there manager with there weird songs O.o. I guess that means the other girls ahve a chance for Robin then. Trian and his friends are going to resque Robin, then come back for us... I hope it doesn't take too long for them to break us outta here. I think one of the the other two has the hots for Ciri, and the other one for Tarlia. Hmmm, I hope they get us out of here soon. I miss ther other people form #Wl *sniffs and goes to huggle someone*
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