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Day Y

I forgot how many days we've been here already in Sherwood Forest.. it's frightening that I'm so used to it now.. wake up, attempt to learn how to use a bow and arrow, fall on my butt, eat dinner, and go to sleep. It's like that every single day.. kind of, let's not add that everyone's been staying away from us lately.. dunno why tho. Oh well, I think I'm ready to go home, Stuffy and Kei left somehow, probably by walking through that mist that Tarlia was ranting on about. I hope they're okay, and still alive.. and not stuck in some dark cave with a dragon near by.. and not having sea serpants gnawing at their bones.. and- oops, I better stop before I frighten myself.

I want my Herbal Escensses shampoo and conditioner! Just a random note, now is probably a good idea to round people up and start talking how to find a way home, we've been stuck here too long, and people are dissapearing. But.. then Kim would have to leave Trian.. aww, maybe we can bring him with us. Maybe we can bring Robin with us too.. naah, that's too mean. I'm gonna go off to jump around camp fires and do my weird strange rituals.. or in other words.. sit, eat, be bored.
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