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Day Four (some time past midnight)

I don't think anyone can sleep too well tonight. We decided to be paranoid and take turns sleeping. I opted to take the first watch with whoever's having problem sleeping. They're just lying there whispering. I'm being anti-social. But mostly, we're keeping our ears open for movement outside.

Well, what do you know? It seems that everyone has been keeping a record of what's going on so far. Ok, so we agreed not to divulge the contents of our journals (or steal some one elses while they are sleeping) until we get home ... if we ever get home. Maybe make a log of our misadventures.

We have people missing: Stuffy and Kei. I don't know about Kei but shortly before we got hustled unti this hut, I found this under the stone Stuffy likes to sit on.

(The following is a page that appears to have been ripped out of a notebook, held to the page with a paperclip)

I can't stand it anymore the singing the boybands the bard and his not-pop-not-rock songs everything everything is wrong There are no more Twinkies NO MORE TWINKIES THERE ARE SPIDERS IN MY TWINKIES WRAPPERS SOMEBODY TOOK MY TWINKIES

Tarlia said the mists can transport I am going there I have to get out of here to a place where there are Twinkies and electricity and computers and Twinkies and Twinkies and Twinkies and Twinkies

*everything below is obscure and in tatters*

Now I wish I never mentioned those mists. (They said I ranted and raved about it.) I hope he's ok. In fact, I hope he and Kei are ok and out there somewhere rather then being shut in here. So how come we haven't broken down that door yet?
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