Completely, Gloriously, Ridiculously Random (maleficently) wrote in wyvern,
Completely, Gloriously, Ridiculously Random

What the heck!?

So here we are. Starving.

From the mutterings I've heard so far, Ciri was looking for Robin, and this caused some sort of .... I dont know, all of the sudden everyone started acting really strange. Then, as we sat around the fire waiting for the results of whatever it was they were discussing, we were suddenly surrounded. Literally. By overly handsome young men in green tights. Up to this point they had been laughable... but they weren't so laughable now, beings as they were armed, and we werent.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword.. Id like to see that oh so wise person stand in front of guy with a sword and wave HIS bic at the guy.. I tried it, they weren't amused..

Im gonna be pretty pissed if we get killed. I was really hoping the next place we'd end up was the Enterprise.. ... But the thing that makes me wonder..

Why the sudden change in atmosphere? ANd just WHERE is Robin Hood?
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