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Okay, so in retrospect I shouldn't have asked Will that question...

Well, it started out a pretty normal day.. I think. Tarlia has been pressing the issue of the misty fog stuff that is surrounding the camp, so I followed her over, and yep there is some kind of stuff there, but I didn't want to go through it. I mean, what if I had ended up someplace completely different, like on the Starship Enterprise or something?

So I told LadyFireborn, and she told me she is ready to go. I don't mind it here really, except for the fact that everyone thinks I -like- spiders now, just because I had to get revenge on Moon_Fox with one. One spider on someone's pillow doesn't make me a fanatic, does it? I know there was that one time.. err. I'm rambling. Ok. LFB wants to go home, Tarlia is freaking out, and I'm just... yeah. I do miss the comforts of home. I'd kill for a quarter pounder right now.

Sooo, on the prodding of LFB and Tarlia, I decided to talk to Robin about us perhaps leaving. Problem. I couldn't find him. Anywhere. Not with the Merry Men, not doing archery lessons, not saying romantic things to Maid Marian. Nowhere. Here is where I made my mistake. I asked Will where Robin was. He looked at me kinda funny. I told him I had wanted to talk to him, and looked all over, but couldn't find him. His eyes got big. Then Marian came up to Will, and I swear they had some secret message relay with their movements or something, because all of a sudden, Will, Marian, Little John, and the other Merry Men swooped into the main hut, and slammed the door in my face.

All of us wyvern's people are just sitting around one of the fires now. Moon_Fox and Figment have been trying to hear through the cracks in the hut walls, but they can't hear anything. I'm worried. Are they going to do something to us now? Can we make a break for it through that wierd mist? If we did, would we even return home, or end up in some other place together?

I hope they come out of that hut soon... I'm starting to get dirty looks from the others for making dinner late.
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