Kaisa Reinikka (darkangeltrip) wrote in wyvern,
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Well, it was an interesting past few days... I had just walked into the library to check out my normal fantacy novel when somehow we got swept into one! I am now in Sherwood forest along with the other people in the library and (get this) Robin Hood and his Merry Men!!!!!!! ....it was quite interesting at first, but then when I pulled out my journal to write one of the men sam the picture of a fairy on it and took it from me! He thought it was magic or something and he went off to show everyone! I just now got it back.... well, I haven't had much time to figure out whats happened, I've been chasing my journal around... but I know this isn't a dream! I fell from one of the big trees and it hurt too much... uh oh! I see that Merry Man and one of his friends (a very cute friend I might add) so I better hide this before they try to take it again!
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