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Day Three (Early Morning): Duck and Cover

I can't do this out loud -- not without ending up the focus of waaaaay too many men with swords and bows -- so excuse me a moment while I write this down.


It's not exactly what I need but it should be good enough. Why, you ask, do I feel so frustrated?

Perhaps it's because I'm trapped in Sherwood Forest while all around me people are falling in love/learning to fight/chilling with the bard/getting drunk every night, and I have absolutely no inclination to do any of those things?

Or no, let's be honest. I'd love to do most of those things if someone else wasn't already doing them first. Most of the guys I'd be interested have already latched on to others in the library. Hearing one of them ask Nymphy is that was a banana in her pocket or she was just glad to see him was ... rather alarming, actually. I think Nymphy might have shared the opinion, but in fact there was a banana in her pocket which meant the entire exercise was just ... well. Yes. Lost my point, didn't I?

And much as it sounds like a great time and opportunity to start learning weapons like I've always wanted to, I have been forced to look at the situation and admit my mother is right. I should not own anything that can kill someone else, much less be trained to do it. Yes, I can just imagine me getting in a bad mood, losing control of my temper, and maiming or killing one of the Merry Men. They've been nice to us so far, but I imagine that opinion would change if I stabbed one of them in the arm, don't you think?

Then again, I'm to the point I might just try it. But I believe I'll explain that a little later.

Then there's getting drunk. I shouldn't even have to explain that, should I? Around here it's ale, ale, ale, ale, and I'm strictly a non-alcoholic girl. I'm getting very tired of water with, if I'm lucky, a little fruit flavoring. Frankly, all of the food is lousy. I wasn't expecting much, but really, after several days of bread and meat and cheese I think I'd gladly give up my clothing for some sushi. Maybe I could sail to Japan?

But no, wait, we don't know how to get out of the Hideout, even. Gette mentioned something about a wall of fog which makes me wonder if we even can get out of the Hideout. Nobody else seems to care that much. I could, of course, be totally wrong, but it seems to me they're out hanging with the Merry Men or getting drunk or whatnot. Settling in to life in Sherwood.

As for me, I've decided -- after another night of little sleep -- that I'm getting out of here and back to my own time. I don't know how (really, I don't), I don't know when (except it's going to be soon), and I don't know with whom (given the fact that love is in the air, birds are singing, and so on), but I am going home. Even if I do have to stab one of the Merry Men and get tossed out to do it.

I'd prefer not to, so first I intend to talk to any of the other #wl-ites I can find and then talking to Robin. Maybe the others have some ideas of their own about where we are and how we can get back. If all else fails I figure we can beat the crap out of the Sheriff who found us and found out how he got his hands on us, since that's unclear. Even if none of this works, I've got to try and do something, or I really will snap. Even if it's just stabbing a Merry Man.

Other people are starting to wake up now, so it's time to get moving. I feel like I should be painting my face or something. Look out, Sherwood, Kass is on the Warpath. Lock the doors, hide the weapons, and please keep all arms and legs inside until the ride has come to a complete stop.

But don't try to stop me.
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