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[25 Mar 2004|12:53am]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone actually remember the Robin Hood story by now? We started it when.. 2 years ago, or so? ;)

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Been down so long [02 Aug 2002|03:16am]

It had been more than seven months since I came back and everyone is still in that bloody dungeon. I wonder what the heck is happening in there - hrm. It's three am in the morning and I'm not thinking quite right.

I actually have this notion that they have imported enough goods from China to open a Blue Lotus den. They probably grow poppy flowers in there.

I hope nobody got seduced by the Sheriff yet because from the pictures Friar Tuck managed to salvage for me, he seems icky. All right, I know he's dashing and handsome in the beginning when we librarians first got here, but now he looks like... like... some sort of wannabe Goth. I mean, wannabe Japanese Goth. He has funny hair and it looks purple. I hope this has nothing to do with Neil Gaiman.

Anyway, the armed forces are getting sick of it and want to have a get-going. Oh, I didn't mention it? In the seven months here we I managed to assemble a team of outlaw barbarians who are just all too happy to kick Robin Hood's arse along with the Sheriff's... it seems that after Robin Hood gave up pillaging to pursue his boyband career, he fired all the "less photogenic" crew of his Merry Men, which is to say at least 98% of them (ranging around 798 persons, excluding the little cockerol of Miniscule Tim) were out of a job and extremely furious.

Ah, well. The UnMerry Men have armed themselves with their banjoes and guitars now, and are starting to storm towards the castle. Better go along just to see what would happen.

Did I mention that they are going to use Country music to destroy the Sheriff's army?
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Robin? [12 Apr 2002|09:34pm]

Is this place still alive or did I put up a story development too nutty to continue?
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A note from the moderators [01 Jan 2002|10:18pm]

Hello everyone!

We'd just like to get a quick roll call of everyone who is still active within the group. There are probably going to be a few changes made to how this journal is run, so we will also be looking for feedback and ideas on how to make it better.

For now, just reply to this post letting us know you are still involved with wyvern!

Note: this is for members only. If you are watching the journal but are not a current member, hold tight for now. :)
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Uh... Day What? [02 Dec 2001|02:28pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This is all a little complicated.

After Tarlia told us about the mists, and after I found out somebody stole my Twinkies (Stole my TWINKIES! The evil, conniving...), I decided to run into the mist, and... well, it turns out to be some kind of random portal.
Quantum... LEAP!Collapse )

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Day 10 [30 Nov 2001|12:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Fun and games it wasn't.

I was too addled to write down anything, too angry to write when some bits and pieces of news began coming in. For about a day, they (which would be the Sheriff's men) kept us together and in the dark, literally and figuratively. Ugh...the dungeon is as hygienic as a sewage tank. It's inhumane how they treat prisoners here!

Then, they fetched us from our dark dank prison and escorted us back to civilisation. "Escort" is putting it nicely - a few of those soldiers weren't very happy that we actually kicked their ass in the skimmish before we were overwhelmed. We (of the WL gang) were separated and locked us in different rooms. Can't complain ... the women servants let me take a bath and gave me unsoiled clothes to wear and gave me back my journal. Robin's men were lead to a different place. I overheard one of the women say they went back to Robin...

"Back to Robin?" Does this mean the Sheriff let him go? What of that witch Marian? I mean, they were quite ready to lay the blame on us back at the outlaw camp but it seems that the Sheriff has something else in mind. He won't waste resources prettying us up for an execution. However, we're still prisoners. Aaaargh! We have people missing and if we suddenly find a way back, we don't have them with us. Will they get trapped here? Left behind?

I have a feeling a trade just went down. The Merry Men need Robin more than they need us. We're just guests (fine way to treat guests!). I can't help but remember that we WERE prisoners of the Prince for some reason when we first landed here. Why didn't the sheriff pack us up and send us to His Royal Asshat? What is all this?

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this just sucks.... [12 Nov 2001|06:07am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

i'm so confused...
for one thing....we tryed to do something nice...and look what happened....robin's ok...and i'm hungry and tired and dirty...and these merry men are getting on my #$%$%^ nerves....normally i'm a peaceful person....but i can't talke this anymore...
*kicks figment until he wakes up* gah, you suck cause you can sleep! *fumes* i'm trying to sleep and i can't cause he's been snoring like a saw...
i wanna so home.....*sob*

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Day 7 :Only Mostly Dead [17 Oct 2001|02:25am]

[ mood | depressed ]

(Re-editted, as my last version sucked)

They insisted. I dont know why they insisted, but they did. We tried to tell them that we didnt have combat experience, but they didnt listen.

Two days ago, we stormed the castle in an attempt to "rescue" Robin Hood. It was an utter failure. When the last of our forces were gathered up, we were escorted to the inner courtyard. There sat Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff, all happy as ducks in a pond. He evidently hadnt been taken against his will at all..

Needless to say, we are really confused at this point. We dont know who is the villian, and who is the good guys. I think that most of us at this point, just want to go home. I know I do. I dont even care what or why Robin Hood is here, why everyone thought he was in trouble.. If I can get my wrists loose, the first place Im heading is those mists..

I want to go home. This isnt fun anymore.

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Day 4 [09 Oct 2001|08:54pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself... And Marian. She is -really- not making the rest of us women look good. Even Will-

Okay. Note to self: don't write in journal so close to where the Merry Men are patrolling. Took me a while to be able to find a chance to sit down again.

The rumor going around is that we are going to help the Merry Men rescue Robin. I don't seem to remember agreeing to that at all. I'm really starting to think that I should have gone with Stuffy after all. Not that I really trust mists, but I would kill for a Twinkie right now. *wet marks on paper* Speaking of Stuffy, more and more of us seem to be disappearing. Kei seems to be gone, don't know where darkangeltrip is. And Figment is -always- asleep. I wonder if Marian did something to him...

later... I just spoke to Kass. Apparently we are going to be briefed soon, and then on the move. I overheard one of the Men saying something about "storming the castle". I do not feel comfortable about this at all, considering my three days' experience with a bow and arrow. If this is my last post, I leave my cat to Julsey, my poetry book to Lucas, and my photos to drgnlvr. All in all I hope that *last lines too smudgy to read*

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Days 3&4: Here Comes Trouble [02 Oct 2001|12:02am]
[ mood | stressed ]

Day 3(?)

Well, so far, so good. I spoke to Ciri and I think she's going to get something done -- she mentioned speaking to Robin, anyway. I _____ *line trails off across page*

What happened? Click to find out...Collapse )

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Day... what day -is- it? [27 Sep 2001|08:23pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I think it's the 5th day, maybe it's more. Everything has been so mixed up lately. One minute I was talking with Trian, the next two of Robin's Merry men, ( I think the two back up singers) grbbed me and threw me in the hut with the others. Ciri said all she did was ask where Robin was.. wonder what's up?
Later that night....
Wow! great news! I think... Trian and two of the other Merryman brought in out lunch today. They tried to tell us what's been going on. Maid Marien had robin kidnapped so she could take over the Merrymen. She wanted to be there manager with there weird songs O.o. I guess that means the other girls ahve a chance for Robin then. Trian and his friends are going to resque Robin, then come back for us... I hope it doesn't take too long for them to break us outta here. I think one of the the other two has the hots for Ciri, and the other one for Tarlia. Hmmm, I hope they get us out of here soon. I miss ther other people form #Wl *sniffs and goes to huggle someone*

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Day Y [25 Sep 2001|11:35am]

[ mood | bored ]

I forgot how many days we've been here already in Sherwood Forest.. it's frightening that I'm so used to it now.. wake up, attempt to learn how to use a bow and arrow, fall on my butt, eat dinner, and go to sleep. It's like that every single day.. kind of, let's not add that everyone's been staying away from us lately.. dunno why tho. Oh well, I think I'm ready to go home, Stuffy and Kei left somehow, probably by walking through that mist that Tarlia was ranting on about. I hope they're okay, and still alive.. and not stuck in some dark cave with a dragon near by.. and not having sea serpants gnawing at their bones.. and- oops, I better stop before I frighten myself.

I want my Herbal Escensses shampoo and conditioner! Just a random note, now is probably a good idea to round people up and start talking how to find a way home, we've been stuck here too long, and people are dissapearing. But.. then Kim would have to leave Trian.. aww, maybe we can bring him with us. Maybe we can bring Robin with us too.. naah, that's too mean. I'm gonna go off to jump around camp fires and do my weird strange rituals.. or in other words.. sit, eat, be bored.

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Day Four (some time past midnight) [24 Sep 2001|11:51am]

[ mood | worried ]

I don't think anyone can sleep too well tonight. We decided to be paranoid and take turns sleeping. I opted to take the first watch with whoever's having problem sleeping. They're just lying there whispering. I'm being anti-social. But mostly, we're keeping our ears open for movement outside.

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just great.... [20 Sep 2001|06:12am]

[ mood | anxious ]

here i am...stuck in a hut....
with the rest of our group...and figment's lying asleep...with his head in my would be sweet if he would stop snoring
we get locked in here by the merry men....who don't see so darned merry at ciri's question...and i was hoping they were good of them kept following me like a little puppy dog....a very cute puppy dog...
anyway, i'm writing this atop figment's head and if he would stop shifting all the time i could write better
i wonder where the others are, and why we're locked in here...oh well.. minus well make something of it and sing... think i'll sing Amazing Grace...seems a bit fitting i dunno..

here i go...

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This sucks [12 Sep 2001|12:45pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I'm cold, hungry, and I don't know where many of the others are. Ciri's question opened a whole can of worms. Robin's nowhere to be found, and all the other Not so Merry Men were arguing. Then, they came out and herded my fellow exiles into a hut, and posted guards.

Me? I'd climbed a tree, planning to stay here until I saw some sign of dinner. They don't seem to have noticed I wasn't around the fire with the others - come to think of it, some of the Wyvern's group seemed to have disappeared before this happened.

I'm so down. I hate not being in control. When that fog or whatever shook me out of my safe little world, it showed me the fragility of security. It's an illusion. You are helpless if someone decides to turn your life upside down. I want to hide. I want to pretend that this didn't happen, but the reality of it keeps screaming at me. Nothing will ever be the same.

I just want to be safe. Is that too much to ask? I want peace for everyone. No fighting, no need to be suspicious of people you don't know. No worry, no fear that someday you'd wake up and someone you know would be gone because of violence. Stupid, huh?

I'm through writing for now. I'll see if I can get the others out of the hut a little later.

what do you think?

What the heck!? [11 Sep 2001|03:23pm]

So here we are. Starving.

From the mutterings I've heard so far, Ciri was looking for Robin, and this caused some sort of .... I dont know, all of the sudden everyone started acting really strange. Then, as we sat around the fire waiting for the results of whatever it was they were discussing, we were suddenly surrounded. Literally. By overly handsome young men in green tights. Up to this point they had been laughable... but they weren't so laughable now, beings as they were armed, and we werent.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword.. Id like to see that oh so wise person stand in front of guy with a sword and wave HIS bic at the guy.. I tried it, they weren't amused..

Im gonna be pretty pissed if we get killed. I was really hoping the next place we'd end up was the Enterprise.. ... But the thing that makes me wonder..

Why the sudden change in atmosphere? ANd just WHERE is Robin Hood?
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Oops... [04 Sep 2001|09:31pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Okay, so in retrospect I shouldn't have asked Will that question...

Well, it started out a pretty normal day.. I think. Tarlia has been pressing the issue of the misty fog stuff that is surrounding the camp, so I followed her over, and yep there is some kind of stuff there, but I didn't want to go through it. I mean, what if I had ended up someplace completely different, like on the Starship Enterprise or something?

So I told LadyFireborn, and she told me she is ready to go. I don't mind it here really, except for the fact that everyone thinks I -like- spiders now, just because I had to get revenge on Moon_Fox with one. One spider on someone's pillow doesn't make me a fanatic, does it? I know there was that one time.. err. I'm rambling. Ok. LFB wants to go home, Tarlia is freaking out, and I'm just... yeah. I do miss the comforts of home. I'd kill for a quarter pounder right now.

Sooo, on the prodding of LFB and Tarlia, I decided to talk to Robin about us perhaps leaving. Problem. I couldn't find him. Anywhere. Not with the Merry Men, not doing archery lessons, not saying romantic things to Maid Marian. Nowhere. Here is where I made my mistake. I asked Will where Robin was. He looked at me kinda funny. I told him I had wanted to talk to him, and looked all over, but couldn't find him. His eyes got big. Then Marian came up to Will, and I swear they had some secret message relay with their movements or something, because all of a sudden, Will, Marian, Little John, and the other Merry Men swooped into the main hut, and slammed the door in my face.

All of us wyvern's people are just sitting around one of the fires now. Moon_Fox and Figment have been trying to hear through the cracks in the hut walls, but they can't hear anything. I'm worried. Are they going to do something to us now? Can we make a break for it through that wierd mist? If we did, would we even return home, or end up in some other place together?

I hope they come out of that hut soon... I'm starting to get dirty looks from the others for making dinner late.

what do you think?

grrrrrrrrr... [04 Sep 2001|11:51am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Well, it was an interesting past few days... I had just walked into the library to check out my normal fantacy novel when somehow we got swept into one! I am now in Sherwood forest along with the other people in the library and (get this) Robin Hood and his Merry Men!!!!!!! was quite interesting at first, but then when I pulled out my journal to write one of the men sam the picture of a fairy on it and took it from me! He thought it was magic or something and he went off to show everyone! I just now got it back.... well, I haven't had much time to figure out whats happened, I've been chasing my journal around... but I know this isn't a dream! I fell from one of the big trees and it hurt too much... uh oh! I see that Merry Man and one of his friends (a very cute friend I might add) so I better hide this before they try to take it again!

what do you think?

Day Three (Early Morning): Duck and Cover [31 Aug 2001|11:45pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I can't do this out loud -- not without ending up the focus of waaaaay too many men with swords and bows -- so excuse me a moment while I write this down.

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Day 2: That Baka! [29 Aug 2001|04:16pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Well, this was an weird day. Tams stopped by and asked if I wanted to go with her to learn how to shot a bow and arrow, so I said I would. She was still crushed at the fact that Robin was taken. So we meet up with this guy, I later found out his name was Trian. So we talk to him for like 10 minutes, Tams barely said anything for some odd reason.
So then Trian, Tams, and I are walking and he's saying all this stuff about things, and I'm not really listening, then he stops. So I look at him and he says an incredibly -rude- comment- Tams still says I slapped him, but I just hauled off and hit him. So then Tams leaves, leaving me all alone with that idiot.
At -least- he apologized , and he told me that he didn't mean it. Like I believed him. He told me his name was Trian then. Kinda pretty name too... anyway... We talked for a few a little, I told him about the torture Ciri had put me through with the spiders. O.O
I think he told me he was sorry about sixty more times after that. He wasn't all -that- bad, but i was still mad at him for the evil comment.
Fig showed up after awhile, complained about a huge hangover. Trian looked as if he about to punch him, just cause he was talking to me, imagine that? Tams came back then, I could almost see two little hearts in her eyes. Robin had taking her shooting with the bow and arrow.
That was about it, weird day.. in a weird world too...

what do you think?

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